Devin Driscoll

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Meet Devin

Growing up in Knoxville, the importance of hard work, community and the Volunteer Spirit were instilled in Devin from a young age. After graduating from high school in Knoxville, earning a degree from Fordham University and wrestling in the WWE, Devin returned to Knox County, looking to use his business experience, athletic background and Knoxville roots to give back to his hometown community.                                                       

Believing that strength and perseverance are about much more than athletics, Devin moved back to Knoxville to build his own personal training business, Next Level Training, at his local outdoor basketball courts with a basketball, a medicine ball and an agility ladder. Now, after years of hard work and building a community where athletes could reach their full potential on and off the court, Devin is the owner of D1 Sports Training, Hardin Valley.                   

Devin knows what it takes to create successful businesses that give back to their community and create new opportunities for Knoxvillians. Under his leadership, Devin took the D1 Sports Training facility in Knoxville from the bottom of the corporate portfolio to one of the top franchises in total gross revenue and number one in personal training, team training and retention out of D1 Sports Training’s 60 locations. Devin's ability to grow, own and operate businesses successfully earned him a nomination for the Pinnacle Business Awards Young Entrepreneur Award and Knoxville's 40 under 40.                                                  

Devin sits on D1 Corporate Training Panel, Franchise Advisory Council and Validation Committee, where he brings the same determination for success and business expertise to the boardroom table as he does to his personal training sessions.                                                    

He knows that Knoxville is a great place to start and grow a business because he’s done it. Understanding that a robust business environment can create new opportunities for communities to thrive, Devin is working every day to make Knox County the best place to do business in Tennessee.                                   

As Visit Knoxville Sports Commission Board member, Devin uses his business experience and his athletic background to make Knox County the premiere place in Tennessee for athletes and teams to thrive on and off the field. Devin is looking forward to working with members of the community to create new business opportunities for Knox County.                               

With over a decade of working with young athletes from all over Knox County, Devin knows that success is measured by more than what happens on the field. He is working to increase workforce development programs to give residents the tools they need to be sought-after candidates in a competitive job market. Devin is committed to giving back to the Knoxville community by working with volunteer opportunities and organizations like Morning In Motion, a school program that addresses obesity, attendance and other factors, to develop Knox County youth. By creating a highly skilled workforce and cutting taxes, Devin believes that Knox County is ready to lead the state in business recruitment and retention, as well as increased employment opportunities for Knox County.                                                         

Devin is ready to hit the ground running and deliver for who matters most - Knox County residents.                                            

Devin and his wife Alison, a graduate of the University of Tennessee, live in Farragut with their two children Ryder and Charleston.

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